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Highlights vs Babylights

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Highlighting is one of the most popular services requested in salons, and it's not hard to see why! Whether you want your hair made lighter or more intense - there are so many different techniques for doing this. The original "highlight process" developed back when people used plastic caps through which locks were pulled with hooked needles isolated onto them for bleaching- but today we have far better options available thanks largely due out innovations like foiling where slices pfhair paint mixed together into stripes then folded up into strips ready tp be placed under lights as well as foiled applications where little pieces

Babylights vs Highlights Guide


Highlights can have a variety of different effects depending on what you want to achieve. If your goal is the natural sun-kissed look, then highlights will provide just that - rich and intense color without being too dark or contrasting with their shade compared against existing tones in hair length/colors already present within it! However if one prefers more contrast between shades (i..e: wanting chunky) there's no problem whatsoever; these styles work best when executed delicately so as not overwhelm but still allow enough light through for an alluring glow!

Highlights involve your stylist taking sections of hair, possibly weaving each section and applying lightener to create dimension. These neatly wrapped foil packets conduct heat so that the chemical can penetrate deeper into one's tresses; this creates an all-over glow with varying tones depending on what part is being highlighted or left out during processing (e). Some people prefer full heads--whereas others might want half ones instead!

The most popular highlight techniques are freehand painting and balayage. With free-style highlights, lightener is applied instead of processed in open air as with traditional foil methods; it's also used for this style where artists blend their painted sections perfectly to give you beautifully blended dimension that will make your hair look like cashmere!


The most popular light color at the moment is babylights. These are similar to highlights but provide a more delicate look with less density of strands and sections, giving it an all over subtle tone as well as making your sun-kissed glow last for longer. They're perfect if you want something big like going from brown hair color (or any other desired shade) without having such harsh processes done on top of what's already there - which can sometimes lead people feeling regretful later down their journey towards becoming brighter than ever before!


Babylights hair colour

You'll be able to choose from a range of looks for your Babylight, depending on what you're looking for. For example if it's more natural-looking then the stylist will create blend colours by highlighting selected areas in your hair that are finer than traditional highlights - these usually take longer because they require so much precision and care but can help give dimension when used with thin/fine textures like yours!

You don't have to go it alone when you color your hair. Your stylist can combine babylights and highlights or use other coloring techniques like root melts in order achieve different dimensions on the same visit, depending what look you're going for! If they aren’t sure which technique would work best with how far along we've come so far then show them some inspiration pictures that remind of me - but also take note: multiple sessions may be necessary depending upon where our journey takes us next .

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