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We are now Hijab-Friendly Hair Salon


Sometimes change is all we need to bring our hair back to life

Sometimes it's natural to resist change, but have you ever tried something new with your hair? Maybe it was a color, or a cut, or even a new look! We've got everything you need right here with our latest babylight, underlight and highlight styles.


The main difference between highlights and babylights is that during highlights, your personal stylist will highlight more sections of your hair. The sections are finer than normal highlights which creates a natural blend of color. Babylights produce a monochromatic, solid colour, rather than highlights which produce a blended mixed colour palette.

Babylights will take a longer time and cost more as it is a more precise process. Babylights are a perfect way to make the sun-kissed summer hair glow last for longer or if you're after a more all over colour.


Applying highlights creates a natural sun-kissed look, whether that be a full head, half head or T section of highlights.

At Palette Hair, we put a lot of focus on the colour’s health and integrity of hair. We section off pieces for highlights, do a light colour mix on them (usually bleach & colour mix), then fold the sections into foils to create dimension . Utilizing foils to help control the colour on your hair has many health benefits. They keep your colour even, and they also help bleach the hair, which maximizes product absorption and development.

Sections of your own hair are highlighted to create a natural blend in the hair to match your true tone

Usual Price

Underlight $258++

Babylight $268++


Underlight or Babylight (Highlight)

+ Hair Shield 


photo_109_29-05-2022_12-08-26_thumb (1).jpg


Underlights are a fun, trendy and playful way to get your hair done. They can make any hairstyle look more dynamic and beautiful. Underlights are typically made using two colors of hair dye that are different in hue, with the bottom layer being highlighted. The highlight can be a single color, or it can incorporate the color of your natural hair. This leaves the top section of your mane its natural color, keeping your colorful strands hidden from the eye until you want them to be seen. Here is a great option for those who want to experiment with their hair but still want something that's work appropriate. The best part? Underlights are customizable, so you can create them in any colors you like


Highlights give the illusion of fuller hair so are typically recommended for people that have thinner or finer hair, they are also useful for people that have started to embrace the grey as it helps to blend out the new regrowth. If a more uniformed, lighter look is something that appeals to you then highlights is your technique. However, it is important to bear in mind the maintenance, as highlights go from the scalp to the ends you’ll need to colour your hair more often to keep the colour looking nice and fresh as well as preventing your roots from showing.

Babylights are a great way to introduce colour if you’re fancying a change of hairstyle, but don't want anything too drastic. Babylights got their name from mimicking the different dimensions and tones that are found in children’s hair, as this look is designed to look more natural you will be able to go longer between appointments.

Underlights is known as secret strand coloring technique. Underlights, as the name suggests, have hidden layers of color below the top layers. They're perfect for those who want to protect their hair color from being seen too often and keep it 'high.'

Underlight or Babylight (Highlight)

+ Hair Shield 


Some salons will try to get you sign up for hair package to keep you coming back etc but I guess here, you'll go back yourself due to the pleasant experience they deliver!

Keep it up :)
Atsuko X
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