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Bioma Rebonding Hair Treatment

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Say hello to Bioma, the latest perm technology from Japan! I hear you say wanting frizzy or damaged hair? This new Bioma can give your silky hair without all the damage. Say goodbye old fashioned chemical treatments armed only damaging solutions because this is now possible thanks for our friend The Big C himself: biology

Bioma Rebonding Hair Treatment

What is Bioma Rebonding Hair

The Japanese Bioma uses a unique and innovative therapy called acidic protein treatment (Kosenze) which helps to prevent hair breakage, rebond damaged locks while improving the health of your tresses.

With this amazing treatment, you'll have soft and silky hair in an instant. The deep care will make your dry frizzy roots shine like never before while the straightening component repairs damage from colouring or natural factors to give you beautifully smooth locks that are full of life!

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