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Korean Perm vs Japanese Perm: Which is Better?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

When looking to change up your hair, you may have come across the Japanese perm and Korean Perm. These two different styles offer a variety of options for what type or style would look perfect with how long it is currently grown out - but which should be picked? Explore both differences below!

Korean Perm vs Japanese Perm

Japanese Perm

For centuries, the Japanese have been taming their hair with a permanent change of shape. Whether it be straightening or creating curls through perms--they were among the first to create these chemicals and techniques that we use today!

The Japanese love to style their hair before leaving the house and all they expect from a perm is something that makes it easy for them, while also staying in place longer. In addition - given how often people go around doing this in Japan due mainly because of climate factors- there's really no need at all for super-defined digital perms anymore since these types have been replaced by more natural looking waves/curls which will work well regardless if you live somewhere hot or cold!

Perms come in all different shapes and sizes. There's the cold perm, which creates natural looking curls when wet but more waves once dry; there is also airwave perming that does not damage hair like other forms of curl do- it’s perfect for those who have thin or damaged locks!

A digital perm, on the other hand, creates the most defined curls out of the three.

Things to note:

  • Japanese perms are the least damaging

  • Japanese perms are less defined, more natural and soft

  • Japanese perms tend to have more layers

Korean Perm

As the Japanese were first to create perms, it is no surprise that Korea has followed with their own take on this hairstyle. Unlike what we see in dramas where stars sporting S curl or C volume rebonding sported by top celebrities such as Park Bo Young (Hello Monster), there are many different styles for every type of head out there!

S Curl perms have tighter and more spread out curls to create natural wavy hair. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle that's great for those who want their locks without all of the hassle! Body Wave Perms will give you big beachy waves; however, there are less of them than with an S curl perm (so if definition matters more then this might be what suits your fancy).

The C curl perm creates an organic look with wavy, curling hairs at hair ends that give the illusion of smoothness and movement. Most flattering on bob hairstyles or anyone who wants a more natural style this enhances your jawline while enhancing contours in general so it's perfect for most face shapes! The C curl perm craze that swept across Asia is sure to be remembered for years! The popularity of this new hair trend can largely attributed the success TV show "Descendants Of The Sun."

Things to note:

  • Korean perms are more defined than Japanese perms

  • Korean perms require less maintenance

  • Korean perms tend to be heavier at the bottom

Whether you want a super sleek curl or an all free fall look, there are different techniques that will be used to create this style. At times they can seem confusing but if your stylist truly understands what type of hair texture and needs from each client then everything should come out beautifully! Else, come to Palette Hair and speak to us today! We are friendly, we don't bite :)

We hope our article helped with understanding the Perm easier than before so please leave us any questions by leaving comments below-we'll get back ASAP :)

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