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We are now Hijab-Friendly Hair Salon


Exclusive hair promotions
in Singapore

Check out our current promotions for exclusive deals on hair services in Singapore. Experience the best of haircut and colour at an affordable price here at Palette Hair.


The Korean Perm is an iconic hairstyle that has been worn by celebrities and beauty bloggers alike. This soft wavy style of hair was inspired by Korea's famous actress, Hallyu starlets! The waves look natural as they gently frame your face while adding volume to the strands themselves--perfect for those who want their tresses looking extra sexy on date night or at work!

20230707_203940 (1).jpg
Korean Perm for Women

If you are looking for the “natural” look without all of that stiffness and dryness, then this is your best bet. Korean perms will give soft curls compared to traditional perm techniques which can result in stiff or less natural-looking locks depending on how they're done! The wonder about these new innovations isn't just spreading through social media anymore; it's becoming an internet sensation thanks largely due its ease as well as longevity--low maintenance AND long lasting? What more could someone ask?! Choose from a variety of K-inspired styles such as C-curls; S-curls and Korean Waves to effortless Loose to Beach Wave.

Korean Wave Perm + Haircut + Hair Shield 



Ready to give your hair an instant makeover? Come see us at Palette Hair, where we have Professional Hair Stylists that can create any style you desire. Whether it's a Balayage or Ombre color application with dimensional highlights for example - just one way our stylists bring life back into somebody’s locks!
If all this talk about changing up the look of their mane makes them feel curious enough about what else might be involved in having different types styled like so many other people are then there has never been greater time than now before deciding on exactly which type!

Japan Colour


Stroke Light + Hair Shield


Underlight + Hair Shield


Balayage + Hair Shield


Bleach off + Hair Shield



Come visit us today to take advantage of our wide range hair and scalp treatments. We have a variety from detoxifying your scalp, adding volume or length - you name it! With products that are made with only premium-quality ingredients found in South Korea and Japan we can provide all types needs for refreshed locks without worrying about harmful chemicals like parabens or solvents being added into their formula .

Korean hair and scalp treatment before

Bioma Straightening + Haircut + Hair Shield


Collagen Treatment


Intense Keratin Treatment


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