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5 Different Hair Coloring Techniques To Try Out for 2023

The world of hair colouring is changing. More and more people are going against the grain and choosing to go with less traditional colours. If you want to try out a new hair colour in 2023, here are the five different techniques that you should look into.


Highlights / Strokelights are painted by hand. They are made by weaving strands of hair and then adding colour. For a more natural looking highlight, your stylist will divide the strands of the hair into sections. Some sections will be wrapped in foil to process, while others will just be painted with color.

If you're looking for an all-over color without the maintenance or drama of single-process colors, highlights are a great option. The thinner the highlight weave, the more it will look like you have all-over hair color.

Babylights highlights are a great option for hair that doesn't want any damage done to it. They weave smaller sections and highlight those with a foil. These sections mean the color will cover up evenly and appear much more natural to the eye.

“Low maintenance” is the key term for babylights. You’ll visit the salon or hair color aisle less often if you opt for this subtle hair coloring technique. They're a perfect option for busy moms, college students, working professionals and more!

The term 'broad brush' comes from the French word "balayer," meaning to sweep. It's a term that refers to the way the color is applied, not the color itself. Balayage is a coloring technique that involves painting hair color in graduated streaks rather than applying it all uniformly. This accentuates natural light and the lighter tones of your hair, creating a more natural-looking effect.

This technique offers the same gorgeous dimension and fun color as highlights but with less of a "stripey" look to the final result.

Bleach Off

Bleaching one's hair has become a major hair color trend in the last couple of years

Hair bleaching is a chemical hair dye technique that makes your hair noticeably lighter and can fix unwanted color Bleaching hair begins with an alkaline agent that opens up the cuticle. Following this a chemical is applied that penetrates into the cortex of the hair and dissolves natural melanin (the color your hair naturally has).The longer you leave the alkaline agent in your hair, the lighter in color it becomes. This can range from yellow or reddish tones to platinum blonde, depending on your original hair tone.

Japan Hair Colour

Discover the option for gorgeous, natural looking color that still leaves your hair healthy and shiny without damaging the hair!

Without the harsh chemicals of traditional haircolor, you can achieve a rich, natural look that is vibrant and lasts.

No more worrying about chemicals damaging your delicate hair. Our non-bleach haircolor is a little different, try our Japan Colour and see the difference!

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